10 Reasons Why Pipes Are Cylindrical

1. Cylindrical pipes are the most efficient when handling. When water is flowing through the cylindrical pipe, the pressure force is evenly distributed around the entire circumference of the pipe.
2. Cylindrical pipes require minimum material for the maximum cross-sectional area. A cylindrical pipe has minimum surface area exposed to the water, so there is less drag on the water at it flows down the pipe thus, reducing weight.
3. Minimum wall minimizes friction and other factors. Since square pipes have crevices on the inside where the corners are, bits of debris and minerals would build up in these crevices. Over time, this will lead to corrosion problems, slower efficiency of the pipe and blockage.
4. Cylindrical pipes can be more easily bent compared to square pipes.
5. Cylindrical pipes are easier to thread and seal.
6. Cylindrical pipes are easier to insulate using minimal common round insulation.
7. Cylindrical pipes are easier to hang using round saddles, etc.
8. Cylindrical pipes are easier to set up and thoroughly drain for maintenance.
9. Cylindrical pipes are easier to manufacture.
10. Volume calculations of cylindrical pipes are easier.

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