• Sanitation: non-chemical effect, non-oxygenation, anti-corrosion, clean and non-bacterium, passing International Standards.
  • Easy and reliable fixings: connected in just a few seconds with the most advances heat fusing jointing ways.
  • Heat preservation and energy-saving: heat conduction quotient only accounts for 0.5% of metal tubes. It is widely used in heat tubes with its excellent heat preservation and energy-saving property and no need for heat preservation materials.
  • Light weight and strong intensity: It only accounts for 25% of metal tubes. The compression resistance is higher than 5Mpa(50kg?cm2), it is also flexibility shockproof.
  • High flexibility, anti-cold and non-expanding.
  • Good heat resistance: low heat conduction, high voltage proof. Under the rating working pressure, water temperature
  • of pipeline can reach up to 95oC.
  • Reclaim: non-environmental pollution for its thermoplastic material, glossy in wall and out wall, smaller flow resistance and low noise.
  • It is the most durable tube with the life-span of 50 years.


  • Hot and cold drinking water ductwork for homes, hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Clean, pure water pipeline and beverage production transporting system.
  • Chemical fluid transporting system.
  • Hot water recycling system (hot spring, water heater, solar water heater)
  • Agriculture, gardens, virescence and farms.